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HostingPad review and user rating.

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Hosting Name HostingPad(Removed)
Un-limit or Un-metered
Un-limit or Un-metered
Forced Advertising
Ad. Type
Allow Your Advertising
FTP+FTP Web-based
SSL Enabling
MySql database
EMail Support
Online Web Editor
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User Rating
Added Date
17 Oct. 2011

User rates

HostingPad 8.2 out of 10 based on 5 ratings. 8 user reviews.

HostingPad user reviews = 8
Average user rating = 8.2 From 5 users.
There are 8 HostingPad user reviews, viewing page

Comment# 8, By admin , IP XXX, When 11 May., 2012 : Rated= N/A
@Danielg, Have you put special char(eg. /^@) to the address field?
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Comment# 7, By Danielg, IP 207.118.137.X, When 11 May., 2012 : Rated= N/A
help! says \"please enter a valid address!\" But as far as I know, www.(My domain name).com is a valid address.faultwhat am I doing wrong? I doing wrong?g wrong??
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Comment# 6, By tilc1234, IP 93.103.52.X, When 15 Nov., 2011 : Rated= 10
smilesmilesmileI love hostingpad! Great uptime, AWESOME(no joke, it really is!) support and LOADS of features. I'm approx. 3 months at them and I won''t regret time spended with them. Altrough comunity(forums) are small but they are friendly!smilesmile I will stay with them as long they exist.stay with them as long they exist.h them as long they exist.s long they exist.hey exist.t.
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Comment# 5, By softman20, IP 41.225.4.X, When 08 Nov., 2011 : Rated= 10
best ever !
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Comment# 4, By Kyle, IP 24.211.185.X, When 21 Oct., 2011 : Rated= 10
This is the best host I've found so far. HostingPad is a full-featured host without the full-featured price tag. Their goal is to be the best free web host on a free domain, and they do not disappoint. With features such as PHP, MySQL, CGI, POP3/IMAP email and unmetered space, bandwidth, domains, subdomains and databases, HostingPad is certainly one of the best. Even better, in my opinion, is the Kloxo control panel. Many free and paid hosts use CPanel, which makes too many assumptions about what it thinks the customer wants, whereas Kloxo keeps the configuration simple, while at the same time allowing customers to have more control over their accounts. All this, and Kloxo is free open source software, which is also very important to me.

Uptime on their server is also unusually high. I have tried several hosts before HostingPad, and they usually have a problem surviving more than a couple of weeks without major problems. HostingPad has survived two server migrations since I've had my sites hosted with them, and each time it has become even better, while keeping all the same unlimited features. This is also the longest amount of time I've been able to keep my sites in one place, as I've had them hosted there since mid August.

Perhaps the best feature of HostingPad is the fact that you get all the things I mentioned, as well as friendly and helpful support either by email or their community forum, and you get it all for the extremely low low price of $0.00. Additionally, no ads will ever be placed on your websites, and you are not required to register with the forum or post anything to keep your web hosting account, although the forum is a great place to get support and to connect with the friendly HostingPad community. Just don't abuse the server, and you can keep your account with no strings attached. HostingPad is truly free web hosting at its best.
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