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Host-ed review and user rating.

Host-ed Review, Host-ed is a free web hosting provider was providing free 1,024 MB web space with 10,240 MB traffic. PHP programming supported,ASP programming supported,CGI/Perl programming supported, Host-ed is also provides POP3 email account, Host-ed's not forced any advertisement to the user pages(Excellent!). Free web hosting uptime statistics report(Beta) is a new feature available for the active web hosting provider in this directory, is provides Host-ed uptime report, if you are seeking for a free reliable web hosting, read this first Host-ed daily, weekly and average uptime report by the best free hosting review guide website. At this moment Host-ed is 100% uptime. Highly Recommended!. Anyway If you are a client, please feel free to rate and post your own review.
Hosting Name Host-ed
Forced Advertising
Ad. Type
Allow Your Advertising
FTP+FTP Web-based
SSL Enabling
MySql database
EMail Support
Online Web Editor
Your URL
Domain or Subdomain
Additional Requirement
Rank [?]
User Rating
Added Date
21 Apr. 2007
Last Update
19 Jul. 2013
Host-ed weekly uptime statistics report [?].
Host-ed average uptime is High Uptime 100 %
Host-ed was monitoring since December 31, 2016, 9:59 am.
1st. Tue, 18-Apr-2017 Uptime
High Uptime 100 %, 0.1662 s. response time.
2nd. Wed, 19-Apr-2017 Uptime
High Uptime 100 %, 0.1825 s. response time.
3rd. Thu, 20-Apr-2017 Uptime
High Uptime 100 %, 0.176 s. response time.
4th. Fri, 21-Apr-2017 Uptime
High Uptime 100 %, 0.1491 s. response time.
5th. Sat, 22-Apr-2017 Uptime
High Uptime 100 %, 0.1479 s. response time.
6th. Sun, 23-Apr-2017 Uptime
High Uptime 100 %, 0.1493 s. response time.
7th. Mon, 24-Apr-2017 Uptime
High Uptime 100 %, 0.1676 s. response time.

Domain or free subdomain
PHP/CGI supported.
FTP access.
File Manager.
24/7 Technical Support .
Softaculous app. Installer.
Instant Activation !


- Website Statistics
- Support Ticket
Scripts Installer:
Free Hosting Rules:
- Proxy Websites are not allowed.
- No Any illegal scripts.
- Not allow any kind of torrent related websites.

User rates

Host-ed 8.97 out of 10 based on 275 ratings. 293 user reviews.

Host-ed user reviews = 293
Average user rating = 8.97 From 275 users.

Some voted user review(s)

Comment# 97, By Nikhil, IP 74.208.16.X, When 12 Dec., 2008 : Rated= 10
I started with just basic html.

as i learned php and mysql supported all my needs.

and i was in for a pleasant surprise when i could install joomla can you believe everything for free, you just cant beat that.

I am a student and have learned a lot about website development the various technologies and some of the fine tricks. is perfect with me.

i did try a few others like 700megs but was disappointed by the servers going down ever so often no such things with

Overall its great
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Comment# 98, By, IP 78.46.73.X, When 12 Dec., 2008 : Rated= 10
This is one of the best free hosts ever. I've been using it for sometime for many of my sites.

I've never had any big problems with this host faster then many other free hosts and have not seen it down so far.

The only bad thing is the database space. It's only 10MB big as on most other free hosts. So the host is not good for forums or other things that need a big database.

The disk space is 150MB and 4GB monthly traffic. File size limit is 500kb.

You can host 1 domains on this host and 2 subdomains (

It's very easy to use this host. Only a few clicks and you have your site up and running. I really recommend it for people who don't have enough money to pay a host.
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Comment# 92, By seaman, IP 93.186.178.X, When 12 Dec., 2008 : Rated= 9
I discovered Host-ed while I was crawling the web for a free web hosting solution that provided all the functionality I was looking for. Host-ed offered me PHP, MySQL and more than enough space and bandwidth I need to run my site. While I realize that it may not be for everyone, they have been more than enough to meet my needs, and I have since moved by other site there as well. Drawbacks include the fact that you can only host two domain names per account; but you are not paying for this service at all! Host-ed doesn't even post ads on your site, and you are allowed to run your own ads as well. In my 4 months of using Host-ed, I have only seen my site go down once for about 5 minutes, not bad for free hosting, and their connection speed as been pretty good.
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Comment# 219, By admin , IP XXX, When 11 Nov., 2012 : Rated= N/A
@byeb, please try this one.
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There are 293 Host-ed user reviews, viewing page

Comment# 295, By Vanna Witzke, IP 172.110.221.X, When 11 Apr., 2017 : Rated= 9
Really, if you are going to host any website (but not adult related), use Host-ed, they deserve your business. I have never had a problem they couldn't fix, and fast. I cant say about prices since I have not looked at any other hosts, but worth every penny.
As long as they stick to their guns on not overselling their servers, I don't think I'll ever be looking for a new web host.

Overall I'm pretty satisfied with them!

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Comment# 294, By Nancey Peach, IP 82.221.133.X, When 10 Mar., 2017 : Rated= 10
These guys are top of the line Pros and really refreshing to see a company getting it right & doing it right.
I beyond recommend hosting with these guys. We switched to host-ed ssd business hosting plan after having enough of the downtime with our previous host. From our time with them I have nothing but high praise indeed. These guys are willing to walk not just an extra mile but five more miles with you.

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Comment# 293, By Anglea Zeitler, IP 108.62.165.X, When 09 Feb., 2017 : Rated= 9
Having been with other hosting services before dealing with this ssd hosting provider, I can honestly say Host-ed team are by far the best! It also offer a very nice control panel with a large list of functions some of which cost extra at other hosting companies. Their pricing is excellent!
I have enjoyed their service and would recommend it to anyone.

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Comment# 292, By Shandra Grimaldo, IP 91.223.208.X, When 10 Jan., 2017 : Rated= 10
I have been with Host-ed ssd host about eight months and must say that they met my expectations.
I'm the webmaster for about a half dozen sites. Their packages include many great tools, easy to use with very good video training available. I had some problems with setup and their customer support was responsive and solved all the troubles. The support team is always there and drops a message from time to time to see how you are making out.

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Comment# 291, By Man Guzman, IP 184.154.4.X, When 05 Dec., 2016 : Rated= 10
What small fees for such good service! 100% would recommend this decent web hosting provider to others.

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