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On this page, it has been written about Freehostsfinder's new.
It is consists of what we already created by a brief summary. You can know the useful contents. We already built out since the day1 has been formed in 2006.
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20 Feb. 2011 : Announced user registration, login can be done at review pages and home page.
7 Jan. 2011 : Blog post: What is reseller web hosting 
3 Jan. 2011 : Blog post: How to choose a free hosting.
2 Jan. 2011 : Introduced Hosting blog.
2 Jan. 2011 : Blog post: 2010 Server uptime monitoring report.
1 Jan. 2011 : Server uptime monitoring is now restart, a time to race.
New year eve day : We wish you a Happy new year 2011, Good luck for all things.
07 Nov.2010: Recent file and image hosting entries have been posted to homepage.
30 Oct.2010: Launch free image hosting directory page.
20 Sep.2010: Launch free file hosting directory page.
20 Oct.2009: New entry reviews RSS feed is published.
20 Sep.2009: Free hosting with PHP safe mode off directory pages are published.
09 Aug.2009: Ad free PHP hosting pages are published.
25 Jul.2009: FreeHostsFinder Fan Page created.
30 Jun.2009: Join Twitter.
17 Feb.2009: freehostsfinder reset previous Uptime Statistics, and then 7days uptime or weekly uptime reports with response time reports are given to all active free web hosting provider review pages.
1 Jan.2008: freehostsfinder launches Host Uptime Indicator in the review pages, it helpful for selecting you own free hosting providers for more stability read more...
31 Dec.2007: freehostsfinder launch the Full Features Review for the most of our free hosting review pages and providers.