How to choose a free web hosting.

Author: Jammy, Published 03 Jan. 2011.

free hosting
How to choose a free web hosting.
This is a question that was asked from all over the world.
The beginners who are want to have their own website or even professionals who want to use free web hosting to test their own web launching.
The most people often begins with having their own domain first. After that, it will be test run at the time of being developed.
Free web hosting website can help them save money in their wallet, due to it is free of charge and any fee.
The question is: What do you expect with the free.
Of course, web hosting service provider need to invest for rental server and expenses of administration (some providers have their own server and datacenter.)
Free web hosting services is $0 charged to user. The free hosting service providers also want to have some indirect income from the provision of free web hosting service.
Income may be generated by:
Forced advertisements: insert advertising on the user web site, such as Banner, Popup text link and so on.
Some hosting providers just want the user to insert a backlink to the user page in return.
Some hosting providers want to build the popularity of their forum website by request users to sign up a forum account. Writing and reply the post in the forum as a reward (post to host free web hosting).
Some hosting providers do not ask users to do anything in return. It can be called a truly free web hosting. but they are also expected that users will appreciate his service and will upgrade to a premium plan.
If you can accept what the service provider may ask you to do follow, as was mentioned above. You can decide to use free web hosting that are many, especially all of them in our reviews.
The following things are also need to be considered for your selection as follows.

Amount of free web space.
Considering the application and purpose of your website. If you need web space primarily for storing large amounts of data, you will need to choose free web hosting provider allows you to upload files with total size as much as you want.
If you just want to use free web hosting to test the readiness of your site. Most service providers will be able to meet your needs basically.
Maximum bandwidth.
The purpose and type of application are the important things. The stored data on the server can not be transferred out if the maximum allowed bandwidth is very less.
In general, the maximum consumed bandwidth is measured on a monthly basis. However, should study the term of service or term of use from the particular service providers before choosing any other free web hosting provider.
Unlimited bandwidth and Un-metered bandwidth, it may not necessarily mean that your website can be accessed by unlimited number of visits/viewers. Restrictions on use of free shared web hosting is the amount of processing power consumption of the processor(s). Having a large number of visitors at the same time, service providers may refuse to provide services temporarily in order to protect the overall performance and service to other users.
Support of programming languages processing is a priority factor that should be considered.
PHP is a programming language that is highly popular. If you are learning PHP programming language, it means you are having friends who are doing the same with you around the world.
Another alternative of creating a web site quickly is to install the CMS softwares. There are several CMS softwares that are developed by PHP, CGI / Perl and ASP, which can be used for free.
Although it was identified that they support for processing of programming languages. But support might not be allowed fully. Some functions may be disabled due to the safety policy. So choosing to install CMS software must be taken into account about this limitation.
Database is important to make a dynamic website. Mysql database has been popular because of it free and easy to study , It is a famous installed on a free and paid hosting as well.
The recommended free web hosting should have at least one database in order to install a CMS application or for a user dynamic application.
In general, a website script was access to the database in order to read, insert, update and so on. So the size is always increasingly larger larger. Therefore, users should note and determine the maximun allowed size database as well.
So far, we recommend looking for a free web hosting that offers mysql database(s) with PHP.
Web server is in use for 24 hours, 7 days and 365 days a year. User and webmaster are expected to see the smooth operation and without any interruptions.
The time server to work responding to the user or called the uptime. In fact the server uptime could not be measured as 100% result. Users should expect that the server may be certain times that could not respond to work during certain moment or called down-time.
The most important thing is that, how the technical service guy can manage the server return to a normal operation quickly. You can also read our uptime reviews in all active hosting review pages.
Technical support.
Technical support department is most important for the end user. Especially when a problem arises.
Livechat service is a responsive service because of users can ask questions directly to technical support or administrator. The problem can be solved more quickly via this kind of communication rather than others.
However, we found that Livechat service is almost only available on the large paid hosting website.
Control panel.
Control panel is automation software solution. They are called in many names.
Web hosting resources automation system is widely used in many web hosting companies, the most popular are such cPanel and Plesk which are very effective solution. There are some free web hosting providers offer such a solution.
You may read free cPanel hosting directory.
Granted, the paid-hosting services better and often provide better features when compared with free web hosting, but you must choose to pay for investment in this.
If your created website is not being used very heavily, and willing to learn to create your own website. You can also try one of the free web hosting in our directory.
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Thanks for reading.