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FrostServe review and user rating.

(Inactive/ No longer updated/ Hidden from search result.)
Hosting Name FrostServe(Removed)
Un-limit or Un-metered
Un-limit or Un-metered
Forced Advertising
Ad. Type
Allow Your Advertising
FTP+FTP Web-based
SSL Enabling
MySql database
EMail Support
Online Web Editor
Your URL
Additional Requirement
Rank [?]
User Rating
Added Date
17 Jan. 2013

User rates

FrostServe 5.56 out of 10 based on 16 ratings. 25 user reviews.

FrostServe user reviews = 25
Average user rating = 5.56 From 16 users.

Some voted user review(s)

Comment# 14, By FS-Alex, IP 27.252.235.X, When 02 Feb., 2013 : Rated= 10
ASGARD, Go away, you\\\'re not getting a single supporter here.

Are you kidding me? Do you think that after we email the FHF admin, the comments get removed instantly? Like magic?

\\\"And I have other two sites running on WHMCS and cPanel, so allow me to know how to fill that in\\\"
That\\\'s a quote. You DO own another host. Don\\\'t try and make up excuses.

Lastly, All your NEGATIVE comments came up just because you couldn\\\'t order a hosting plan, and you are too dumb to know how to work WHMCS. If you don\\\'t know how to even order a hosting plan, how can you run a hosting site at all?

So if you don\\\'t like our host, move on and stop posting negative comments here. stop
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Comment# 12, By FS-Eric, IP 174.226.129.X, When 01 Feb., 2013 : Rated= 10
@Asgard: Top-left corner of the screen. I have also requested the admin remove your comments as you have already admitted you are from another hosting company.
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Comment# 1, By FrostServe , IP 173.68.60.X, When 17 Jan., 2013 : Rated= 10
We actually have cPanel, but we have developed a custom overlay to make it easier to navigate. We also have a website builder which will be integrated shortly.
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Comment# 16, By FrostServe , IP 174.252.18.X, When 06 Feb., 2013 : Rated= 10
@Asgard: It\'s a free service for Christ sake. If you do not like it, simply leave. There\'s obviously a reason no one else is here complaining, isn\'t there? Because they\'re not having problems.
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There are 25 FrostServe user reviews, viewing page

Comment# 25, By Asgard, IP 95.246.39.X, When 27 Mar., 2013 : Rated= 1
To Князь-Владимир = To see how reliable they are, read how they responded to my comments; that shows their level of maturity very clearly, I believe. down down down down down
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Comment# 24, By Князь-Владимир, IP 5.43.136.X, When 27 Mar., 2013 : Rated= N/A
Kick !And do you close?Without warning , without everything.What is that.Well, just no words !That all such hosting fly to the devil.Nor any reliable or anything.

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Comment# 23, By Asgard, IP 79.33.76.X, When 26 Mar., 2013 : Rated= 1
To FS-Alex = No, you are not. i just checked, where it says \"This domain is not authorized to be using WHMCS. Please report the url to the installation to us\" (last sentence is copied-pasted from the site); I can send the screenshot to you, if you want more proof. And I don\'t understand what you mean with \'spamming down the page\'.
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Comment# 22, By GraFF, IP 5.43.136.X, When 17 Mar., 2013 : Rated= N/A
FS- Alex Well , I checked in on your forum, and wrote it in the support section.Waiting for an answer there.Thank you.

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Comment# 21, By FS-Alex, IP 27.252.56.X, When 17 Mar., 2013 : Rated= 10
GRAFF, Please post on our support forums....

Thank you.
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