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MeekHost review and user rating.

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FTP+FTP Web-based
SSL Enabling
MySql database
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Added Date
19 Jun. 2008
Last Update
19 May. 2009

User rates

MeekHost 6.79 out of 10 based on 14 ratings. 15 user reviews.

MeekHost user reviews = 15
Average user rating = 6.79 From 14 users.
There are 15 MeekHost user reviews, viewing page

Comment# 15, By Anon, IP 67.159.44.X, When 21 Nov., 2009 : Rated= 1
cant put my name or they might ban me! i have been with them for long long time and they changed server so many times! over 5 times in the last year! all their excuses about server crashed and datacenter turned it off... this is worst experience ever for me i move to another host call they are the best! some moderators from meekhost move and make that one!!best! customer service suck at meeks but meek good guy!!
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Comment# 14, By ex-user, IP 212.166.64.X, When 07 Oct., 2009 : Rated= 1
I had been with them for a long time, and in that time, they changed server 7 times, their uptime (according to a uptime tracker) was bellow 89%, and was the worst experience for me. Nor recommended for anyone who wants to host their website hassle free...

Support sucks too.
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Comment# 13, By Charles, IP 222.127.223.X, When 30 Sep., 2009 : Rated= 10
I had a wonderful experience with their hosting. I upgraded now to paid web hosting and allow my website to have more videos in it. Great stuff
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Comment# 12, By, IP 86.130.117.X, When 25 Sep., 2009 : Rated= 1
I has a PAID site with meekhost for about 2 months , My forum got pretty popular with 1.4k users but I still only used 1.5gb of bandwith. I woke up one day to find my website down

" This Account Has Been Suspended.
Please contact billing/support center A.S.A.P"

I received no explanation for this and all payments were upto date so I emailed them and got this reply


We have received more CPU and Memory usages from your account and its caused server spike, downtime issue. Could you please let us know what kinds of scripts you have used?

Thank You."

I was using a smf forum with 1.4k members the server apparently can not handle that althogh I was well within my alocated resources. I sent them a email listing what scripts I ran and got this:


We are doing server migration at the moment and will update you once server transfer completed.

Thank You.
Meekhosting - Gopal."

Not heard anything since , my sites been down for 5 days now and for what exactly? Being semi popular? Its annoying because I didnt get any notificiations , any backups so ive got to start over on a new host , Ive also lost a php script that I worked for months on. fault.

The good ratings all come from free users , maybe if they did not put free users on the same server as paid users they would not have resource usage issues when a forum gets 1.3k members!

Avoid at all cost.he good ratings all come from free users , maybe if they did not put free users on the same server as paid users they would not have resource usage issues when a forum gets 1.3k members!

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Comment# 11, By Joe, IP 24.247.248.X, When 19 Sep., 2009 : Rated= N/A
You must POST TO HOST. 15 a month. another fly by nite free hoster.

what is it with people and wanting them to post in these damn forums that have no point to them.. there forums are BORING AS HELL!!!! screw that!
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