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WebNG review and user rating.

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Hosting Name WebNG(Removed)
Forced Advertising
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FTP+FTP Web-based
SSL Enabling
MySql database
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Added Date
25 Apr. 2007

User rates

WebNG 4.25 out of 10 based on 4 ratings. 5 user reviews.

WebNG user reviews = 5
Average user rating = 4.25 From 4 users.
There are 5 WebNG user reviews, viewing page

Comment# 5, By Mr. Hooplah, IP 173.54.36.X, When 21 Feb., 2013 : Rated= 1
i cant login and i cant contact them! m website issnt even close o done! i really wih i had those html cods though...
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Comment# 4, By, IP 216.220.165.X, When 16 Feb., 2011 : Rated= 1
for some unknown reason the site just went belly-up!!!
n e buddy kno why??
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Comment# 3, By falfteatime, IP 63.227.140.X, When 29 Aug., 2010 : Rated= 5
In fact injected code into my pages, although the banner ad was missing.. What really turned me off was the unconventional and incorrect method for attaching my domain name, which I was unable to do successfully..
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Comment# 2, By sitekey, IP 216.252.81.X, When 09 Aug., 2008 : Rated= N/A
It's not true, there ARE ads. They began adding huge, ugly banners to all the pages about 2 months ago. If you have frames at your site, EVERY page in every frame gets a banner.

I have a huge Christmas card site in webng, which I set up LAST year when there were NO ads. Everything seemed fine. Then, 3-4 days before Christmas, my site went BLANK. It was offline for about 3 days. I can't remember how I got it going again, but suffice it to say that WEBNG ignored all my inquiries until Christmas was over.

Not only are there huge banners, but a giant CASINO page pops up right in front of my web site. The imposed ads and popups have just ruined my card site. A year of work, original photography and graphics, all for Casino banners. My site is designed to open with its own popup in front to tell visitors to adjust their screen resolution. That popup is now blocked by the webng popups.

Look at the mess they made:

And they won't take money to remove the banners, they refuse to "rent" their "free" hosting. So, if you still want this thing free, you're stuck with their ads.

And here's an internal page:

In addition, something strange has happened: my purple-velvet scrollbars have vanished from the site, and my jingle bells MUSIC has vanished, neither one is there when you click the url to visit. I think the banner code they imposed may have killed it; or if not, they were there last year, I didn't touch the site, where did they go?

If you want to get the ads off, you have to purchase space from GoDaddy, webng is a re-seller. And then you have to shift your entire site to the GoDaddy servers and set up all over again.

Another problem with webng is the horrible insite page editor. It's unuseable. It butchered my own code. Also, I have found that my page code is often scrambled after I download it back from webng. Their servers take the liberty of breaking up my tags and reformatting them their way, frequently wrong and broken.

Why did I move into webng in the first place? Well, no ads. And the uploader is really neat. It connects right to my computer and lets me check off all the files I want to go up. I had my Christmas site up and working in 20 minutes, it was a breeze. I was happy, but it was short-lived. And now, I'm leaving.

For free space with (currently) no ads, check out: (if you know how to point domain names)
and (their templates are nice, but if you try to edit the template pages, it isn't real HTML. They have their own system which converts the HTML that YOU paste in, into a little capsule between brackets that looks like wiki code. Once that capsule is in, you can't recover your HTML to adjust it. They might be alright if you just ftp your own pages in, though.

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Comment# 1, By cliford shelton, IP 202.54.176.X, When 15 Jun., 2007 : Rated= 10
excellent hosting...
it supports asp with ms access perfectly well.. hats off
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