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HelioHost review and user rating.

(Inactive/ No longer updated/ Hidden from search result.)
Hosting Name HelioHost(Removed)
Forced Advertising
Ad. Type
Top Banner
Allow Your Advertising
FTP+FTP Web-based
SSL Enabling
MySql database
EMail Support
Online Web Editor
Your URL
Domain or Subdomain
Additional Requirement
Forum posting required
Rank [?]
User Rating
Added Date
10 Mar. 2007

User rates

HelioHost 8.46 out of 10 based on 57 ratings. 58 user reviews.

HelioHost user reviews = 58
Average user rating = 8.46 From 57 users.
There are 58 HelioHost user reviews, viewing page

Comment# 58, By hossein, IP 2.186.149.X, When 28 Sep., 2013 : Rated= 10
helio host is the best free hosting.
I am using it for more than few year and I have not had any problems so far.
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Comment# 57, By Umakant Mishra, IP 182.156.118.X, When 12 Feb., 2012 : Rated= 10
Heliohost provides all features of any paid host and should rank at the top of the free hosting list. Unfortunately evaluators have put it under 'removed' list.
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Comment# 56, By Evaluator, IP 49.203.70.X, When 26 Oct., 2011 : Rated= N/A
You may say good or bad - but one thing is for sure that heliohost is providing service since all these years. 90% other servers in the list have done down since long..
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Comment# 55, By epi, IP 91.36.11.X, When 27 May., 2010 : Rated= 1
I set up a site there. The tools are nice. Everything works fine. Except, that the site is unreachable, slow or returns an error message ("Database Error: Unable to connect to the database:Could not connect to MySQL") at least once a day. Not good enough for a public website. No recommendation.
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Comment# 54, By Muditha, IP 203.94.74.X, When 01 Apr., 2010 : Rated= 1
I have never use free server before. Even though I can say that the should be one of the worst server out there. I just
try to log to their home page. It is also down. What about the
hosting sites. This happens me twice (I have try to go to their
home page less than 5 times :D ). It always get stuck.
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