FileFactory free file hosting review and user rating.

File hosting name Visit FileFactory .
Space/Storage 500,000 Mb(guest) / 500,000 Mb(registered user).
Traffic/Download volume Unlimited Mb(guest) / Unlimited Mb(registered user) .
Max files 50 file(s)(guest) / 50 file(s) (registered user)
Max per file size2,000 Mb(guest) / 2,000 Mb(registered user) .
Uploading Browser+App..
Downloading By Browser+App., 30 s download delay(guest) /30 s download delay(registered user), Ad on download page.
Time host .
Registeration No registeration required, Instant activation when registering .
User rate 2.00 from 16 reviews.
Free-image hosting rank *(beta)
Other features , Control Panel, Usage statistics, Audio files, Video files, Flash files.
Statistics 16 user votes, Thu 13-Jan-11 added date, Sun 13-Feb-11 last update.

FileFactory is a free file hosting is quite popular already. We take FileFactory write a review in order to have you get to know more information easily or to read as a preview for make the decision use of free file hosting quickly.
FileFactory free file hosting service is open to any people online, register user and a premium account.
However, our review will cover services for free use only.
For regular users, and registered users could have their own free space up to maximum of 500000Mb and with maximum 50 files without limiting the volume of traffic.

Upload and download files.
Users can upload files from computer sent to FileFactory's server through a general web browser.
There is also a specific application that was created to allow users to upload and download files more easily and faster, which can be downloaded for free.
If you want to upload files which stored on another website server, you can choose the remote upload to upload from the destination website server by specifying the URL into the box.

To download a file that was already uploaded.
Users or your friends will be required to follow certain steps as follows.
1. Enter the correct Captcha-Code characters that is appearing, and then click "Download now".
2. Wait for 30 second(as of now).
3. The link code will be generated, then users can download directly.

Other features are , Control Panel, Directory creation, Multiple uploading, Remote uploading, Usage statistics, Audio files, Video files, Flash files, Affiliate program.

Support Center.
Users can get help through a Support center. It is initially have to apply for an account before reach to them or you can read the FAQ article to fix it yourself.

What we liked.
No need to register.
Is designed to make easy to use.
The upload and download speed.
Registration is not required to fill a lot of information.
Search file (registered user only).
File Management (Registered user).

We do not like.
Too less maximum number of files.
It is good to be if there is a download password as optional.
Download delay (Most there for free use).

FileFactory is a free file hosting easy to use. Features are quite comprehensive and good hands support tools we recommend.
Thanks for reading our FileFactory review.

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Some voted comments.

Comment# 8, By eby, IP 87.68.82.X, When 07 Mar., 2012 : Rated= 1
save your money... they are scammers. no services...

Comment# 3, By Gustavo, IP 201.19.213.X, When 16 Jun., 2011 : Rated= 1
down If you think you're going to have good a place to store your stuff, you're mistaken. They delete your files! They cheat everyone by not saying openly what happens if files are not download periodically!!! Don't make the mistake of joining it!!! angry

FileFactory user reviews.

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Comment# 18, By James, IP 192.161.118.X, When 12 Mar., 2019 : Rated= 2
A formerly good site which has become pathetic.
They used to support resuming, which would have made them at least usable, but they've removed that.
Now, the download speed is so low and the connections so unstable that it's practically impossible to complete a large download unless you buy premium.
All this site is good for now is wasting your time and running up your bandwidth bill. down

Comment# 17, By thahya , IP 61.94.217.X, When 15 Sep., 2017 : Rated= 1

Comment# 16, By maker , IP 121.33.243.X, When 03 May., 2015 : Rated= N/A

Comment# 15, By Skitz, IP 124.182.138.X, When 14 Feb., 2015 : Rated= 1
I decided to try it free first to download a multi-part file. When I got the the third part FILEFACTORY claimed all the servers hosting the file were busy and I needed to upgrade to premium. I was suspicious of this claim so I changed IP address and tried again. What do you know, suddenly the server was free ! BASIC FACT IS THEY LIED, trying to con me into signing up. I may have signed up but no way in hell will I ever knowing they are a bunch of liars and scammers. FILEFACTORY SUCKS.downdowndowndowndowndown

Comment# 14, By sudeeprao619 , IP 117.222.105.X, When 28 Sep., 2014 : Rated= 10
nyc 1...thankthankthankhiplease