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SkyDrive free cloud storage review.

Cloud storage
Visit SkyDrive
Free storage
7,000 MB
Extra storage
+20 GB=$10 / year, +50 GB=$25 / year, +100 GB=$50 / year.
SkyDrive App
Multiple uploading, Web-based tool, Application, Picture Slideshow
Windows, Mac, Apple iOS, Google Android, WindowsPhone.
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Published 25 Dec 12, last updated 16 Sep 13.
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Microsoft SkyDrive is a cloud-based free storage service from Microsoft. It’s a kind of Microsoft online service formally called Windows Live SkyDrive and Windows Live Folders. This service allows Microsoft account such live, msn, Hotmail to upload documents to SkyDrive and sync with various devices. SkyDrive offers 7GB for free and possible to purchase the extra storage +20 GB=$10 / year, +50 GB=$25 / year, +100 GB=$50 / year.. It’s integrated with Windows7 so you can see SkyDrive folder as one of your drives in Windows Explorer. The uploaded downloaded and share to multiple platforms can be done, such Microsoft-based PC/Laptop, Mac, Android devices and iOS devices.
Using SkyDrive via web browser.
After logged in by Microsoft account you will found on the left side menus your will have following list menu.
Skydrive web
Files : It shows like Windows 8 LiveTile, the blue tiles including Documents, Favorites, Shared Favorites, and Public as the default tiles.
Recent docs : Will have your recently added files.
Shared : Includes the shared file you have shared and others shared to you.
Groups : You can create group you want to share your picture, Microsoft Office(Work together as team) or any files to them, chat and email with them.
PCs : The list of local PC name that install SkyDrive app.
Create : You can create folder, Word, Excel, OntNote and Excel survey file on web browser, so if you do not have Microsoft Office installed on your device then you can create one from here.
Downloading/Uploading from/to SkyDrive via browser, can also done with multiple file uploading that is nice even when we do not have app.
Using SkyDrive for Windows.
We take just a step to login to Skydrive after SkyDrive is installed then on the left side menus your will have the same initial folders like you can see in the browser version. You file can be downloaded and uploaded like what you did by Windows Explorer then drag and drop them very easy. The sub-popup menu after right click to file or folder then you can choose to share and view it in
SkyDrive for Android devices.
Design is very simple, you can also see the blue LiveTile directories that are synced with each other platforms, on the footer you can have the Home, Upload, Add directory and refresh buttons.
Skydrive Android
Settings : On this page you can see the usage storage and the interesting setting is Photo Size, from here you can set the download size and upload size with original and resized, so that keep faster in case of big file size from your device camera is shot and synced
SkyDrive is recommended for everyone, the strength is SkyDrive can have capability to create and edit Microsoft Office files on difference platforms and also for PC user can working together on the shared file.

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