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Google Drive free cloud storage review.

Cloud storage
Free storage
5,000 MB
Extra storage
25 GB=$2.49/Month, 100 GB=$4.99/Month, 200 GB=$9.99/Month, 400 GB=$19.99/Month, 1 TB=49.99/Month and 2 TB=99.99/Month.
Google Drive App
Multiple uploading, Web-based tool, Application, Picture Slideshow, Video player
Windows, Mac, Apple iOS, Google Android.
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Published 16 Jan 13, last updated 16 Sep 13.

Google Drive icon
Google Drive is the cloud-based free file storage service by Google, if you already have a Google account such Gmail you can simply activate the Google Drive within just a second. If you have your Google Docs such spreadsheets, presentations they will be yours here. This service allows you to sync up to 5GB of your file to multiple platforms and devices, currently Windows PC/Laptop, MAC OS X, Android smartphone/tablet and iOS devices.
Access Google Drive via web browser.
Google Drive
The left menus including My Drive, Shared with me, Stared and Recent. To upload your file and folder can be done here and creation of your new documents can be navigate to the CREATE button.
In case of there are many files have to upload you can upload multiple files a time or alternatively upload the whole folder a time.
Video player is available so your video file can played by browser like you seeing Youtube video.
Your file will opened in the new tab and then you can comment your file, share to others and social networks. I like the responsive zooming the image by simply turn the mouse wheel forward to zoom-in and move revert to zoom-out.
Microsoft Office files such Word, Excel and Power Point files can opened and edit on browser like what you can doing by Google Docs.
Google Drive for Windows
Google Drive Windows
Downloading and installing application take some few minutes afterward Google Drive folder appears as 1 more drive in Windows Explorer, so downloading,  uploading, move, delete and create files and documents can be do very easy.
Right click to file and folder you can see the normal Windows popup menu, there is no Google Drive sub-menu like it was in Dropbox case. So sharing to social networks or create the permission not available.
Google Drive Android app
Google Drive Android Google Drive Android popup menu
Google Drive for Android is simple designed the menus are like what you have in other platforms, 1 more is Offline that will show you the offline files.
Navigate to your file and touch and hole a second then the popup menu will show up, from here you can send the file to other apps, share to social networks, move to other folder, make it offline, open with other apps, send the link to social networks, rename it and then print it via Cloud Print.
Google Drive is the recommended free and extra internet space for everyone. Not just a storage Google provides capability to acess and edit the office document and Google Docs files then you can work with other by sharing, in case you would like to get feedback from them you can just read their comments that posted to your file.

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