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Dropbox free cloud storage review.

Cloud storage
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Free storage
2,000 MB
Extra storage
100 GB=$99 / year, 200 GB=$199 / year, 500 GB=$499 / year.
Dropbox App
Multiple uploading, Application
Windows, Mac, Apple iOS, Google Android, BlackBerry, Linux.
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Published 22 Nov 12, last updated 16 Sep 13.
Dropbox logo
Dropbox is the cloud based online data storage service, you can sign up to take this service for free up to 2GB(for more extra storage you have to purchase and get more features).
Dropbox also gives 250MB more storage bonus in case you can complete 5 of below 7 steps.
  1. Take a tour.
  2.  Install the computer App.
  3. Upload a file to Dropbox.
  4. Install again on other computer.
  5. Share a folder to friends.
  6. Invite friends.
  7. Install Dropbox app to mobile device.
Dropbox providing premium service with excellent uptime. You can sync your backup files to multiple device platforms as now most popular devices can be used it such Windows, Android, IOS, Blackberry and Amazon Kindle Fire.
Uploading to Dropbox by web browser:
Dropbox user account area is designed as simple and clean style, on the left side you can navigate to Sharing, Links, Events, Get Started and Space Race menus. If you are a student you can join the Space Race program. By clicking the upload button you can select multiple files a time to upload them. Downloading and sharing to friends and other users can be done by the popup menu when you right click to your file and folder icon.

Dropbox on browser
Manage your file by Dropbox Windows app:
After complete installation of Dropbox app for Windows, you can see the Dropbox icon as 1 more drive in your exploror window like Microsoft SkyDrive. So it is very easy to drag and drop the file or folder icon from this Dropbox window to other location to download/copy file or drag and drop your local file and folder to Dropbox window to upload to your Dropbox storage. Share your file and folder can be done by right click and navigate to sub-popup Dropbox menu.
Dropbox browserDropbox browser
Dropbox app for Android devices:
Dropbox app for Android can be download via Google PlayStore, it is just few megabytes after install to our Android smart phone. When application is opened and already logged in to account, it attempts to upload the all pictures from gallery to the Camera Uploads folder on cloud storage, then from here you can share or export to many social network, email and other devices.
Dropbox is the recommended free online cloud based online storage for backup and sharing. Sharing capability is significantly benefit to the user who would like to share file, photo to friends and also nice for the people who access the files as workgroups. Dropbox is multiple platforms access capability for most popular platforms, the it can work seamlessly even you and your friends browse them via difference OSs.  
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