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Amazon cloud drive free cloud storage review.

Cloud storage
Free storage
5,000 MB
Extra storage
250 songs
20 GB=$10 / year, 50 GB=$25 / year, 100 GB=$50 / year, 200 GB=$100 / year, 500 GB=$250 / year and 1000 GB=$500.
Desktop App
Multiple uploading, Web-based tool, Application, Picture Slideshow, Music player
Windows, Mac, Apple iOS, Google Android.
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Published 22 Nov 12, last updated 16 Sep 13.
Amazon cloud drive is a free online storage you can store your photos, videos documents and other files via internet. You can upload your files up to totally 5,000 MB for free account which you have to sign up with Amazon, the sign up very made easy, just some few field you have to enter to the form. Your files can be access by multiple devices such PC, Laptop, Smartphone, Kindle devices and Tablet as long as you connected. In case of you using PC/Laptop to browse your file you can also have the Amazon desktop app in addition of web browser.
For extra storage the prices are defined 20 GB=$10 / year, 50 GB=$25 / year, 100 GB=$50 / year, 200 GB=$100 / year, 500 GB=$250 / year and 1000 GB=$500.
How web upload looked like
Amazon cloud drive
Amazon cloud drive website is simple design and reliable working, after logged to your account you can found the initial created folder, Documents, Pictures and Video but in case of would like to have more folder you can create a new one as your own name. By using web access you can multiple upload the documents but for downloading it is only capability to download as single file a time.
Amazon cloud drive Desktop App for Windows
Amazon cloud drive loginAmazon cloud drive app
For PC/Laptop you can download and install the Desktop app for Windows, as above screen shot, single or multiple files and folders can be drag and drop such multiple folders or multiple files in a folder here. It works so fine without any issue.
Amazon cloud drive for Android devices
Upload and download can also done by Android devices using Cloud Drive app available at Google Play Store.
Amazon cloud drive Android
Cloud drive app can navigated to Cloud and Device areas. The objects in Cloud area can be downloaded by touch and hold then choose the popup menu. On the other hand, the objects in Device area can be uploaded as well. The uploaded files can be found under the device's name folder.
Amazon cloud drive is a free and pay storage service from Amazon we would like to recommend for wide-range of users, if you love to play the music on Amazon devices Kindle, Windows-based devices or even Android and IOS you can have Amazon cloud player app. The upload documents can cross-platform accessing without any main issue.
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